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In today's hyperconnected digital world, characterized by social networks and social activism, what do you need to start as a model?

Becoming a model is always the dream of many, but what do you need to be a successful model today? Previously, the answer was much simpler: endless legs and powerful attitude during the super-era of the 90s, elegant silhouette and mysterious behavior of the 2000s.

But in the current scenario, the boundaries between model, influential and activist have been blurred. What do we do with a model?

In this age of social activism, fueled by the reach of social media, models now have the means to express their passions and personalities, to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Just look at American model Cameron Russell's stand against sexual harassment with her #MyJobShouldNotIncludeAbuse hashtag, and British model Adwoa Aboah's Gurls Talk website, which gives safe place to young girls for discuss issues such as mental health and sexuality.

Decide what kind of modeling you are interested in pursuing

The type of model that can influence your job search, the type of photos you take to do it and the approach you take at the beginning of your career as a model. For example, you will have to meet different standards to look like a catwalk model rather than a catalog model, which is supposed to offer a more realistic view of men. These are the types of modeling you can look for:

  • Fashion models promote apparel and clothing.
  • High fashion models work with famous fashion houses or stylists.
  • Editorial models only work for certain publications.
  • Models work during fashion shows.
  • Exhibition models show clothes at fashion parties or in boutiques.
  • Commercial print templates are photographed for magazines, newspapers, posters and other print media.

Get some professional photos taken

While you can develop your portfolio once you have registered with an agency, getting professional photographs in        advance will give you a professional look and inform you about something you should report if you get the attention of    someone in the industry. . Do not just take a picture with a person with a cheap camera that only has experience taking pictures in the directories; Take a photo of a photographer above the average and look above average.

  • Be sure to obtain a model validation form signed by each photographer you work with. This will let you know exactly what is happening with the photos you are taking.
  • Do not waste your time with a "portrait" photographer. You want to take modeling photos, not your end of the year photo.
  • Make sure you have a standard image and several images of the entire body. Because people who need your services will probably want to know what your body type looks like, include a full body shot in shorts or underwear and a tank top.
  • Includes an extra touch in a casual outfit and a third shot in a casual outfit or full suit.Get photos in black and white and color.

What are agencies looking for in a model today?

To become a model, it is obvious that size and shape are essential, but being long, flexible and attractive is not all you need, there are other characteristics you will need if you want to be successful. in the sector. The models must be hardworking, pleasant to live, resistant, sociable and capable of acting at all times. You can not have a day off when you are booked for a photo shoot!

Consider moving to a big city

If you really are serious with the modeling, you can not live in a city with only two traffic lights forever. You must move to one of the big model cities, such as Mumbai or Delhi.

Start looking for work

The agencies will help you have the opportunity to participate in model interviews, also known as go-see. Then, start playing sports, act like a professional and do not get frustrated if you do not get a job immediately. Even if you get little profit, take this, but do not lose the opportunity. Work as much as you can because it will be added to your wallet and you will go through many contacts.

Stay physically and mentally healthy

Make sure you keep eating well, exercise and remember that you are a worthy person; Do not let the modeling lifestyle discourage you. Rejection is part of the game and if you are already subject to insecurity and self-hatred, male modeling may not be the best path for you. Although part of the lifestyle can make you go to parties and charles with many people, do not become an addict or alcohol. Not only will it cause you great mental and physical pain, but it will also have a negative effect on your physical appearance.

Social network sites are the most important thing for models nowdays

We have all heard stories about what a single inappropriate message from social networks can do for a person's career and life.

The modeling industry has changed dramatically since the creation of social networks. New models and templates must now have active social network accounts. It has become so important that many modeling agencies require their models to participate in special training to create and manage appropriate social network accounts. Why has it become so important that you ask? Because many customers now consider the number of followers of a model and how that number will help the customer to sell more products. A large number of followers also helps agencies negotiate higher wages for their models. Therefore, the largest number of followers means a higher paycheck for the model and for the agency.

So best Of Luck.

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