Top 10 Locations for Photoshoot in Delhi | Apex Creations

Top 10 Locations for Photoshoot in Delhi | Apex Creations

lodhi colony arts

Graffiti art on the walls of Lodhi Colony

Delhi is a city of new and the old! From Mahabharat’s Indraprastha to Feroz Shah Tughluk’s Tughlaqabad to Shah Jahan’s Old Delhi, the city is rich in cultural heritage and carries an essence of all the royal kingdoms it has accommodated. On the other hand, there is Lutyens Delhi, the city built by the British and now covered with posh residences, elegant cafes, and swankiest malls. No matter in which area of the city you are in, you will find the best cafes, malls and hotels in Delhi.

There is so much to explore in Delhi. And as a photographer, if someone asks me what makes for your favorite shot, I will be confused between the silhouette of a man walking the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk or the mindblowing architecture of the monuments or rainbow painted graffiti walls or the scenic gardens or the colorful prayer flags with creaky old houses in the background. The caity is a superflux of everything.

If you are a photographer like me and want to explore the hidden gems of Delhi, here is the list of all my favourite photography spots that are waiting to be captured.

1. The hustle-bustle in Jama Masjid and Chandni Chowk

The soul of Dilwalo ki Dilli, Old Delhi takes you by a storm and leaves you speechless with its magnificence. Places to explore here are Jama Masjid, Paranthewali Gali, and the house of the famous Mirza Ghalib. Between the crowded lanes, intertwined electricity wires, and vintage houses, you can surely find many click-worthy subjects.

Expert Tip: Visit Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India on Sundays to catch men symmetrically sitting reading namaaz is a sight to behold.

2.  Graffiti art on the walls of Lodhi Colony

The pink walls of Lodhi Colony are not just pink anymore. It’s India’s first open-air public art district created by over 25 street artists from India to create a positive impact on the city and its residents. These walls also provide an astounding background for fashion bloggers and pre-wedding photoshoots.
You may find more of such art around Khan Market, Shahpur Jat, and Connaught Place.

3. Red Fort "the Red Fort"

The Red Fort is a historic fort in the city of Delhi, India. It was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty for almost 200 years, until 1856. It is located in the center of Delhi and houses several museums.

The Red Fort covers 103.6 hectares (254.67 hectares) surrounded by 2.41 kilometers of defensive walls, dotted with turrets and bastions, and varies in height from 18 meters (59 feet) on the river side to the side of the city. The fort is octagonal and its north-south axis is longer than its east-west axis. Marble floral decorations and double domes in the fort buildings further illustrate Mughal architecture.

4. Connaught Place

You will get the best of both worlds here! Here you can find from branded products at a luxurious store to carefully handcrafted pieces at a roadside thela. For people who love street shopping, there is Janpath. Connaught place is also the hub of all the food and drink scenes that remains packed during the weekends.

It is a nice place for street photography and if you are looking for something historical, visit Agarsen ki Baoli on Hailey Road.

5. The ruins and roses of Mehrauli

Spread over 300 acres of land, Mehrauli Archeological Park is known for its 1000 years of continuous occupation, 440 richly scattered historically significant monuments and their haunting tales. It is a lesser known attraction in Delhi, only known to either historians and of course, photographers!

If you have no love for ruins, visit the nearby Garden of Five Senses. Along with being a charming garden, it is a place for various fun activities, events, public interactions, and explorations. Visit the Khas Bagh, spiral walkways, a herd of elephants carved in stones, an amphitheater, stone sculpture of children reading books and the famous – Fountain Tree Sculpture.

Tip: Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of Qutab Minar, the tallest minaret in India from one of the rooftop cafes nearby.

6.Humayun’s Tomb 

Not far from Lodhi Gardens is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun. Built in 1570, it was later used as a source of inspiration for the Taj Mahal in Agra. The monument and the surrounding gardens are an excellent place for photography. The beauty of this World Heritage Site has inspired many aspiring photographers.
My favorite photo of the monument is the corner, which captures an impressive symmetry and intricate details of the walls.

7. Lodhi Garden

The Lodhi Garden in New Delhi is unique. It contains not only some epochs of the history of Delhi, but it is also one of the few living historical places. This is not a place where only tourists come, walk, click images and come back. Lodhi Garden is an integral part of the life of the people of Delhi.

8. Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple, located in Delhi, India, is a home of Bahá'í worship that opened in December 1986. It is notable for its flower-shaped form and has become an attraction of choice in the city. . Like all Bahá'í houses of worship, the Lotus Temple is open to everyone, regardless of religion or any other qualification. The building is composed of 27 "petals" covered in marble and arranged in groups of three to form nine sides. The nine doors open to a central corridor with a height slightly higher than 34.27 meters and a capacity of 2,500 people. The Lotus Temple has won numerous architectural awards and has appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

9. India Gate and Rajpath

One of the most popular tourist attraction in Delhi, India Gate offers fantastic photography opportunities, both early morning and at night. A memorial for the Indian soldiers that died in World War I, it looks stunning at night when the gates are lit. It is located in the center of Delhi, surrounded by gardens and lakes for boating and picnic scenes.

Connecting India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan is the Rajpath or the King’s Way. It is also a ceremonial boulevard that runs from Rashtrapati Bhavan on Raisina Hill and India Gate to National Stadium. The Republic Day parade on 26th January is held here.

10. Tibetan way of life at Majnu Ka Tila

You are like capturing different cultures and lifestyles, Majnu Ka Tila is your destiny. This Tibetan colony is known for its colorful and narrow houses, prayer flags waving on every corner, Buddhist monks emerging from the magnificent monastery and exotic Tibetan specialties served in quaint cafes. This small colony hides a completely new world inside.


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